RAW - natural born artists  presents OVATION  - features 'Seema Viswanath'        


RAW events are crowd funded programs which happens in 70 cities around the globe which showcases hand picked artists in visual art, film, fashion & accessories design, music, performance art, beauty, and photography. Mrs. Seema Viswanath - an artistic director of 'Nritya MayaNanda School of Arts' who is a Bharathanatyam and Kathak dancer/choreographer  presented Indian art form in RAW:Raleigh presents Ovation​ among all different genre of performing arts. Very proud to say that she is the FIRST INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCER selected in the entire EAST COAST of USA on 24th Oct '18 at 7 PM
at  The Ritz, 2820 Industrial Dr, Raleigh, NC 27609.


Murali - Dhanu 

      - namo yogeshvara Krishna, puroshottama Rama


         'Pratham- USA’ in association with ‘Nritya MayaNanda’ school of Arts presented ‘Murali – Dhanu’ – a comparative vision of Yogeshavara Krishna and Purushottama Rama. Both are the same, yet different - they are different but the same! Lord Rama is from Treta Yuga and referred to as Maryada Purushottama. Whereas Lord Krishna is from Dwapara Yuga and called, Yogeshwara Krishna. It’s Interesting to see that the famous two avataras of Lord Vishnu are different and opposite in many ways, and that they deal with a different kind of philosophy. One follows an idealistic approach and another one preaches a universal path in the best available context. Why are they so different and yet the same? Why is there a difference in their approach? What are the differences in their life style? What differences do they preach? For all these questions  as an answer we presented a comparative approach of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, in terms of ‘Nritya Nataka’. 

Dr.Rohitha Eswer’s USA trip – 2018


Activities conducted

  1. 21 hrs of ‘Abhinaya Darpana’ workshop at Cary

  2. 12 hrs of ‘Abhinaya Darpana’ workshop at Charlotte

  3. 6 hrs of ‘Abhinaya Darpana’ workshop at Virginia

  4. Lecture demonstration on ‘Indian dance’ at Eastern North Carolina University’

  5. Lecture demonstration on ‘Abhinaya Darpana’ workshop at Cary organized by ‘Harate Katte’

  6. Bhaitak session on ‘Nritya and Nada in Sculptures’

Performances and interactions

  1. At Charlotte presented Bharathanatyam duet for ‘Carolina Kannada Balaga’ – 30 min

  2. At Virignia presented Bharathanatyam duet for a fund raiser for “Rare diseases organization’ – 1 hr

  3. At Cary Solo performance for ‘Heritage India Association of North Carolina’  - 20 min

  4. At Cary – Bharathanatyam duet of for IAENC and inauguration of ‘Nritya MayaNanda’ – 1.5 hrs

  5. 14 hrs of  interaction between Dr.Rohitha and Nritya MayaNanda dance class students 

  6. Review with dance class students after Cary performance

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