Art Summer Camp - 2021

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Why are we organising this art camp and why is it so close to my art?


As an Indian classical dancer/teacher/choreographer, I perform and teach two forms of dance, i.e. Bharatanatyam and Kathak. Now our school has regular Yoga & Hindustani classes too. One of the most frequent questions parents ask me is “Which dance form should I enrol my daughter for? And is Music & Yoga are compulsory?”. Here is my answer. Actually just not that, for a dancer there are so many other cross skill sets which are interwoven with Music, Drawing, Painting, Notes making, Fitness, Story telling, Voice modulation, Costume, Make up, Literature, Mythology, Imagination, Creativity, Being organised, Presentation, People management, Lights, Photography, Videography, Editing and many more..


I more or less learnt/learning these skills ‘On the job’ or stumbled(realised) upon them during the journey of my dance career in 25+ years. I wish I was introduced to these things in the formative years of my childhood as it would leave a lasting impression.

This art camp is designed to be an introduction to difference facets of art forms. Thankfully we are blessed to have so many wonderful artists in the RTP area and I couldn't stop myself to advantage of that and bring this accumulative experience of mine to action through this Art Camp. Hope this benefits the art lovers.

Finally, “Art must be life – it must belong to everybody” – Marina Abramovic, and I am just doing my bit!