- A Bharatanatyam and Kathak practice session 


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Here is some details about the journey of "Abhyāsa" which is a free community dance practice session for Bharatanatyam and Kathak dancers initiated by Seema Viswanath, founder of Nritya MāyāNanda School of Arts, Morrisville, NC. This initiative is to spread the positivity during Pandemic by bringing dancers together from all over the world.

Abhyāsa session has completed 22 sessions and it is still going on! As the session got advanced, theory session was introduced which made this session as an eye opener and created a platform for dancers to present their own chosen topic. Along with this we are going to have guest artists once in a while for nominal entry charges. This will be informed well in advance and ticket link will be provided. Please note this is only for guest artist session.

Eligibility : Students who have completed basics in the dance forms and interested to explore.
When: Every weekend two practical dance sessions of 50 min and one theory session of 40min on Saturday and Sunday.


Please do have buffer, as theory may extend a bit depending on the Q&A session.
09.30am to 10.20am EDT - Bharatanatyam -  07.00pm to 07.50pm IST
10.20am to 11.00am EDT -     
Theory         -  07.50pm to 08.30pm IST
11.00am to 12.30pm EDT -     
Kathak         -  08.40pm to 09.30pm IST

Register in advance for this meeting like few days before to get the link.

( This is for Abhyasa session, to register for Baithak scroll down )

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

See you all soon :) 


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To participate in the "Baithak" with Ruchi Saini,  follow below two simple steps. 


1. Click on the above link and enter details to receive meeting details  -  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYrdO2rrDMsHNIM4OaDoveUw8DviUGkbN2p


2. Click on “PAY HERE” button , pay the entry fee to reserve your spot.  And thats it. You are all set! :)

About Ruchi Saini 

Ruchi Saini is a devoted disciple of eminent Kathak Guru Shri Munna Shukla, of Lucknow Gharana. 

Being his disciple who is learning under the Guru Shishya Parampara for the past 14 years, Ruchi has conceived, presented, hosted, conceptualized many Baithaks( sit down conversations), shows , workshop events, Lecture- demonstrations & film screenings dedicated to Kathak in such a way to bring to light the tireless efforts and immense value that her Guru has brought to the classical dance form Kathak. 

As an artist, art educator and a disciple of art, Ruchi realizes the richness of Indian classical arts and in honor of her Guruji who has inspired her on this path and to whom she owes a huge debt of gratitude , she proposes to creating an event in such a light that it would not only help the onlooker appreciate the, historic and aesthetic significance of the art form righteously but also offer many a lessons in humble living. It’s the transfer of this value-system along with the art which is the objective of this project hence sensitizing the public about the pluralistic cultural legacy of India. 


Although a Post-Graduate in Textiles from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, she has pursued her deep-rooted penchant for dancing ever since a very young age. Born and brought up in culturally- vibrant state of Rajasthan, she would keenly watch and participate with ‘Banjaras’ performing folk dances and learn any kind of art and dance forms while growing up. An 'A' GRADE artist of Doordarshan, she has performed for the National Television and at National & International festivals of repute within and outside the country, and is well acclaimed, both by press and audience. 

According to her, dance is a meditative practice where ‘she loses herself to be with her Self’. 

She has worked with Satya Paul and designed for Indian Airlines during the past and currently is the heading the Dance Department at Saraswati Music College, New Delhi, conducting arts, crafts and dance classes. For the past 15 years she has successfully conducted & performed Kathak in a series of Kathak Baithaks under the banner of ' Kathak Ke Vilakshan Guru' ,dedicated to her Guru,Munna Shukla ji. Besides, she is also the visiting faculty for Kathak at Sapphire Tashkent International, Tashkent (Uzbekistan). 

She has a very systematic and focused approach in understanding, presentation and documenting of the finer nuances of her Guru's style, that has been the subject of study and also her new documentary for the past few years. 'Arpan' a documentary film on her Guru marked her maiden venture in the field of Documentary films as a Director and producer. Currently working on another Documentary film on Guru Munna Shukla and his works of Lucknow school of kathak. 

As a solo artist she has collaborated with artists of other genres. 


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